I think I’m back….

Yes, I am that writer. The one who wrote for years, persevered, got published at a few small presses and was one acceptance letter away from a full-time career as an author. But then “it” happened. The dreaded rejection. I’d gotten rejection letter before…enough to fill a filing cabinet. I’m not sure what it was about “this” rejection letter that stopped me in my tracks. But it did. I put down my pen (or in this case simply walked away from the keyboard) and that was it. I literally didn’t write a word of fiction for over two years. I took up crocheting; I read, alot; and I got a part-time job to fill in the void that writing left in my soul.

After much soul searching and two unfinished manuscripts that called out to BE FINISHED….I started writing again late last year. Not a lot. A few pages here and there…but the good news is that I finished one of the manuscripts and will be making it available on Amazon for Kindle later this week.

Am I back for good? I’m not sure. I’m not going to make any promises or think that I’ve got my mojo back. But the story I wrote is sweet, heartwarming, and I finally have the desire to share it with the world again.

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