The Day the Nook Died

Before being an author, I’m a reader. I love books in all shapes, sizes, and platforms. When e-books evolved, I grabbed a Nook and a Kindle. I have to say I prefer the Nook. It gave just the right illusion of a book so that I had no trouble transitioning from paper to e-ink.

The Kindle isn’t such a smooth reader. I have trouble flipping pages (probably operator error, but still, it interferes with my enjoyment). I have also been reading books on my phone — which I enjoy more than the Kindle, but talk about a battery drain! Yikes.

Well, imagine my dismay when I picked up my Nook today and found it frozen.It had been acting odd the last couple of days, but I had ignored the symptoms. Figured I was just tired and not hitting the screen hard enough to get it to response. It wasn’t until I rebooted the device, several times, to no avail, that I realized my precious Nook was dead.  It’s years old, probably one of the first editions of a Nook, still I’ll miss it like an old friend…